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Founded in Alberta, Canada! Eh!

Founded in the heart of the Canadian Rockies and started in a farmhouse in rural Alberta by a pregnant mom! Kids Who Explore is a Social Enterprise comprised of explorers who value spending time in the outdoors. We celebrate diversity and the unique adventures that each family experiences across the globe. We strive to create an inclusive space for all kids to feel empowered to go beyond their front door. Our goal is to inspire families to connect with nature, and with each other! We are happiest outdoors– in mind, body, and spirit. Our main brand slogan:

“Allowing Nature to Help Raise Our Kids”

Where it All Began

Hi Explorers, welcome to Kids Who Explore! I’m Adrianna Skori, the Founder and CEO. I created a space for families to connect in the outdoors and inspire each other. You can connect with us virtually from anywhere in the world or come out and hike, camp, climb, and explore in the Canadian Rockies with us. The vision for Kids Who Explore was sparked while hiking pregnant on a trail close to home and I have put my heart into growing this incredible community and brand. We have come so far as a community and below I share a bit more about how Kids Who Explore began...


How did Kids Who Explore Start?

Adrianna Skori founded Kids Who Explore while hiking pregnant with her baby wearing bestie (Lauren Rodych-Eberle) on a trail in the Canadian Rockies. She was an avid hiker and there was no accessible information on getting back on the trail with a baby or getting outdoors safely with baby or kids. Information on gear was limited and most people just told her that adventures would stop when baby arrives and to stay home and indoors with baby. She was even told that pregnant women didn’t belong on the trail. That was the spark to create a space in the outdoors for other parents, babies, and kids to connect to nature and each other. A space to share knowledge, inspire, encourage each other, and share with the world that getting outside with kids is possible.

Adrianna had a dream of reaching families locally and globally as the the world needed a little extra inspiration during the pandemic. “Kids Who Explore’s” name and IG handle was a gift! The platform exploded with love from adventure families world-wide who also wanted to help get kids outdoors. Kids Who Explore hosted virtual challenges, scavenger cards, global trail clean ups at a distance, released podcasts and blogs weekly, and onboarded over 400 Ambassador families to help encourage families to connect to nature too. The explorer #patch4apurpose was sent world-wide to unite our community and the explorer store shipped out Kids Who Explore merch globally. Please press play on the podcast to hear more about our story.



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