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Brand Introduction: Mounts

A graphic that reads "Every Mountain Starts as a Mount" with five young hikers at varying stages of growth.

From Slumber Sacks to Diaper Duffels and Merino Wool Layers, we are so excited to introduce you to Mounts Store. Mounts Store is a new company trying to solve all the little issues for parents to get back to their outdoor-selves. They are working at reducing the burden to get outside so you don't have to worry and can get some of your old life back. Here's a little bit about Mounts Store and its products.


From the Founder of Mounts

"The birth of Mounts started after the founder took his wife and 16-month daughter camping for their first post-pregnancy ‘expedition.’ The site was a tester for some multi-day sites they were due to visit later that month. They bought a family-sized tent and assumed the copious gear the founder had amassed over the years would take care of anything else. When we arrived, a farmer took one look at us and the pile of gear, immediately throwing us into his tractor for a ride to the site. In hindsight it was unlikely the transport of our copious amounts of gear was going to be an achievable effort on foot. A 4cm mattress, fleece PJs, and 3 Tog sleep sacks later, we learned this was not suitable for our daughter's comfort and safety. She was freezing and let us know it! As first-time parents, we have always followed advice on SIDS and safe sleeping. After this experience, we felt we had let our guard down. All the understanding, experience, and gear the founder had did not transfer to keeping his young daughter safe and warm. As soon as we returned home, like any other upcoming expedition, I began researching the suitable tools for an enjoyable and safe family experience, but to my dismay, there were few suitable choices available. I have always been able to optimize my experiences through organization and gear. The outdoor industry caters to the extreme expedition but misses the optimized outdoorsmen looking to take their children on their first experiences in a safe hassle free way. Mounts was created to step in to help bridge this void. Every mountain starts as a mount. Get back on the trail! Bring your family together through experience and create safe memorable moments forever!" - Mounts Store, 'About Us' page

The logo for Mounts.

On the Mounts Store Blog

Mounts Store has an extensive list of educational blog posts. Here are a few you may be interested in reading about:

Mounts Gear We Love

A Mounts backpack in the snow.

The Diaper Duffle is made for adventure. We bring ours on road trips and cross-country ski trips. It is durable and keeps the diapers dry. I have tried the diaper duffle in the rain, snow, and mud, and it has held up on our adventures. It comes with a durable changing pad that is great for changing babies on the trail. I also love the any-angle grab handles when chasing after kids in the outdoors. There is extra storage room for spare changes of clothes, too. The Papa Pack is ideal for exploring with your littles and is geared toward parents, too. It has a spot to pack your lunch with a little re-freezable ice pack to keep things cool. You can store bottles and lots of snacks there too. It has a rain cover for when the weather gets wild. The main cabin of the pack is divided to have parent clothes separate from the baby's wardrobe. Diaper and wipes zip in the side for easy access and this pack comes with a diaper change pad too. This pack can be taken anywhere from hiking to shopping.

Adrianna holds up a green sleep sack.

Slumber sacks come in two fun colours for camping. I love how the arms can unzip and the bottom too, giving more mobility for my kids. Plus, this is going to be a great way to adjust to changing weather too. The length of the slumber sack is extendable to grow with your child too. I think the extended use with kids is so important for the family camping budget. The zippers are multidirectional, making it easy to get my kids in and out, and you can even check for the baby’s diaper without bringing them out of the slumber sack. I love how you can tell that this is parent-designed and created. Safe sleep is my top priority, and this design fits my comfort zone. We will be camping starting May 2023, and you’ll see us in our slumber sacks.

A graphic depicting how the Mount Slumber Sack workds.

Mounts Merino Pants—We have brought our merino base layers on snowboard weekends and hikes. They are lightweight and comfortable, wash and dry easily, and I love the mountains added to the waist belt, too. Thermal Pants—These are super soft, comfortable, and fitted snugly to my toddler. They have a very similar design to the merino pants and the same mountain waistbelt. He has been wearing his one layer mostly indoors so far. We will be bringing our Mountain layers on many mountain getaways this year.


Thank you for taking the time to read today about our latest collaboration with Mounts Store - and the gear we love! Click here to SHOP THE MOUNTS STORE.

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