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Planet Cleanup 2023 Recap

The Planet Clean Up 2023 Group.

Planet Cleanup 2023 is a WRAP! Thank you to everyone who attended.

Thank you to our Planet Cleanup 3.0 Event Sponsors:

Coast Canmore Hotel & Conference Centre Baby Gourmet Made With Local


Planet Cleanup 2023 Recap

Kids Who Explore celebrated Earth Month with our third annual Planet Cleanup event, and we couldn't have been happier with the turnout! Keep reading to see our Planet Cleanup 2023 Recap to see how the event went - and how you can still participate!

Our Cleanup Crew started at Coast Canmore Hotel & Conference Centre and made their way down Spring Creek Boardwalk, picking up trash along the way. We put on our Planet Cleanup event because we know we need to give back to the outdoors, which gives us so much. We are beyond grateful for all the adventures we go on and need to be persistent in keeping our spaces clean for generations to come. 

This year, our Planet Cleanup Crew cleaned up over 50 bags of garbage!

After our clean-up, we made our way to the gorgeous patio at Table Food & Drink in Coast Canmore Hotel & Conference Centre to enjoy a delicious s'mores spread provided by Coast Canmore Hotel & Conference Centre. We brought along our photographer, Through Carries Lens Photography, to capture all the special moments that took place at our third annual Planet Cleanup, and here is what she shared with us: 

And it didn't stop there...

Several people and their kids participate in the Planet Cleanup 2023.

We had Planet Cleanup events happening across the globe with the help of our Explorer Families and community. We sent out Planet Cleanup Bingo Cards for the community to help find ideas on what to find.

Some items on our Planet Cleanup Bingo Card:

  1. Apple Core

  2. Styrofoam

  3. Banana Peel 

  4. Plastic Bag

  5. Plastic Cutlery 

One reminder we wanted to share was that we must always dispose of food waste properly, like apple cores and banana peels. Just because they are decomposable doesn't mean we should leave them on the ground! 

Do you want to participate in Planet Cleanup all year round? Click here to download our Planet Cleanup Bingo Card.

A group of families participates in the Planet Cleanup 2023.


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