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Trail Magik Kid Carrier

Currently taking Pre-Orders for Trail Magik Kid Carriers. Estimated Shipping Date May 16th, 2024.




The Trail Magik kid carrier was designed with only the strongest, most durable, yet lightweight materials available. It is made to be attached to a backpacking backpack.  It weighs less than a pound and fits in a water bottle holder. You don’t have to take off your backpack to get it out and get it attached. Grab, strap on, put your kid in, clip and go!


The Trail Magik works with backpacking and day-hike backpacks that have front upper loaders and a waist belt. A durable backpack with a waist belt and padded straps increases the comfort of the Trail Magik kid carrier.


Your day hike backpack needs to have front upper loaders and a sturdy waistbelt for the Trail Magik to fit comfortably. Weight tested on 30 L Backpacks and greater.


1 year old to 43 pounds **NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER 1 YEAR OF AGE. Made from 100% Cordura® Fabric & 100% Heavy Nylon Webbing. Hand wash & Hang Dry. Do not machine wash/dry.


“We chose to feature the vibrant purple on this co-brand to share our focus on the importance of mental health. Our purple #Patch4APurpose represents Children’s Mental Health Awareness, so we thought this would be the perfect way to share a message that is near and dear to us. Connecting with the outdoors is our favourite way to face mental health challenges, and we want to share that with you. -Adrianna Skori, Founder of KWE”

Trail Magik Kid Carrier

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