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How our Global Community Cleaned up 159 Bags of Litter in Our Planet Cleanup Event

A woman and several kids pick up trash along a trail.

Planet Cleanup in Honour of Earth Day

Kids Who Explore wrapped up its FIRST event last week: Planet Cleanup. The purpose with this event was to make cleaning up litter fun for the whole family and we were so excited to hear positive feedback amongst the almost 170 participants. Collectively, our community was able to clean up 159 bags of litter from 11 countries from all over the world! 

We asked you to head out and safely clean up litter from your favourite trails and around your home. Kids Who Explore also sent out a bingo card to participants for some added fun for the kids!

We're very impressed with the way that @Araradventures filled out the card, but we had many awesome submissions with a number of creative ways to complete it. After all, we certainly don't have these skills!


Thank You to our Generous Prize Donors!

Six lucky winners took home amazing draw prizes from: AllTrails, Ambler Hats, Baby Gourmet, Bowness Soapworks, Colibri, HappyFats Snacks, Lamington Socks, oma + jo, Planet Box, and Scat Belt

Event Kick-Off

A woman picks up trash during a trail clean event.

Most of our behind-the-scenes team kicked off the event in the picturesque town of Canmore, Alberta. We wish that we could have extended this invitation to the community, but with COVID-19 restrictions in place, we are not hosting in-person events at this time. 

Additionally, we were lucky enough to have two other talented ladies partner with us for this event. Elisabeth Cole graciously shot all the photos you see of our team and she blew us away with her photography! Also, Michelle Klatt, owner and designer of Primrose Design & Co. was kind enough to suit the team up with Kids Who Explore-branded face masks and garbage bags. After all, what's an event without branded gear! We thank you both so much for your contributions.

Some Funny Items That Were Found

  1. Slipper, sock undies, adult diapers, and part of a belt

  2. Firework, brand new e-cigarette, and 15 spitting tobacco tins 

  3. Twilight DVD, flipper, Christmas wrapping paper, and "Happy Earth Day" bag

  4. A giant bottle, butter knife, and deer skull 

  5. Car parts, mini-trampoline, elbow pad, broken pieces of a boat, and a broken rake

Our Wonderful Participants

Several people pick up trash during an event.

Thank you so much to our Ambassadors and everyone else from around the world that signed up, participated, and submitted amazing photos with adorable smiling kids! 

Another Event is Coming Soon

Why are we already planning a fall Planet Cleanup? These comments that we got warmed our hearts and inspired us!

"The praise and encouragement from people passing by made my child proud and helped them understand the importance of what we were doing."

"My kids enjoyed picking up trash a lot more than I thought they would!"

"The bingo card was a huge hit with my kids. We went out twice and might go again!"

"Now every time we go out my child wants to pick up garbage!"


Please be sure to follow us on Instagram at @kidswhoexplore and use #KidsWhoExplore and #KWE for your chance to be featured on our social channels. Happy adventuring, friends!

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