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The Story Behind #patch4apurpose

Several people hold up colorful KWE #patchforapurose badges.

If you're new to Kids Who Explore (KWE), welcome! We are a Canadian-founded team of mamas who really love one thing: the outdoors. We have a mission over here, and it's pretty simple. We aim to inspire people to go beyond their front door, get outside into nature, and allow nature to help raise our kids. If you're not new to our brand, thank you for being here! We're sure you've heard our mission time and time again, but we always like to remind people why we're here.


Where did the idea for #PATCH4APURPOSE come from?

A hand holds out all of the colorful KWE #patchforapurpse badge.

Since this is an introductory post, there are some things you should know about our CEO, Adrianna Skori. She's incredibly authentic and driven and is one of the most kind-hearted humans I've ever met. Adrianna jumped straight from vision to reality with her hopes for this Social Enterprise and has never looked back. One of her visions for KWE was this idea of a patch... one that could "excite people about the brand and connect KWE as a global community." Adrianna also wanted to give this patch a purpose as a way to give back to the province that has given her countless beautiful places to explore. She decided to donate $1 CAD from every black patch sold to Alberta Parks. Thus, our high-quality, KWE-branded, Canadian-made #patch4apurpose was born! 

Lets get colourful… “4 a purpose”

A young boy holds all the KWE #patchforapurpose badges.

But... Why stop at just one purpose? Soon, conversations were in the works to bring even more purposes to our patches. Since we are KIDS Who Explore, Adrianna made the decision to dedicate patches to different avenues of children's support. Then, almost suddenly, our patches got colourful! We went from one, black #patch4apurpose, to seven more colourful patches, in just a few months. Curious what they all mean? I can't wait to tell you! 

Each patch is important! Here’s what they stand for:

A young girl holds a black KWE #patchforapurpose.

While I do believe this is just the beginning for our patches, we're sticking with the seven solid-coloured patches to start. If you guessed the colours and thought... rainbow? You (almost) nailed it. We have a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple patch. But instead of indigo we went with pink. Let me tell you what each colour represents and how we're trying to make a difference by donating to a charity in that field!

RED: Children's Disability Support


We aim to improve outdoor accessibility so children with disabilities can enjoy adventures too. The Children’s Ability Fund is a Canadian organization that helps fund specialized equipment so that children with disabilities can succeed with everyday tasks.

ORANGE: BIPOC and Anti-Racism

A orange KWE #patchforapurpose hangs from a tree.

At Kids Who Explore, we're listening and we're learning. In order for the narrative to change, we need education. The Conscious Kid is an American organization dedicated to promoting healthy racial identity development and we're donating $1 from our orange patch funds to the Anti-Racist Children's Book Fund.

YELLOW: Supporting Sick Children

A yellow KWE #patchforapurpose hangs from a tree.

Not every child has the capacity to spend time outdoors. We want sick children to have the best life possible and believe donating to the Alberta Children's Hospital is a great way to make a difference in a child's life.

GREEN: Earth-First

A green KWE #patchforapurpose hangs from a tree.

We value our outdoor spaces and prioritize teaching our children how to help keep our Earth green. Earth Rangers is a Canadian kids organization with a mission "to create a generation of conservationists" through their education programs!

BLUE: Children's Well-Being

A blue KWE #patchforapurpse hangs from a tree.

Kids Who Explore aims to help children from all over the world, especially against child abuse, poverty, and social injustice. UNICEF works with over 190 countries to fight for children, and we want to join their fight with our blue patch.

PINK: Anti-Bullying

A pink KWE #patchforapurpose hangs from a tree.

Everyone has experienced bullying at one point in their lives. It is prevalent and life-impacting for children (and adults) of all ages. The CKNW Kids' Fund's Pink Shirt Day supports anti-bullying initiatives and self-esteem-boosting programs.

PURPLE: Children's Mental Health Awareness

A purple KWE #patchforapurpose hangs from a tree.

Prioritizing mental health should start in childhood. The Build Them Up initiative aims to build a "Centre for Child & Adolescent Mental Health" and to provide services to identify and manage mental health challenges.


We’re new, and we thank you! 

Over time, our ideas will continue to grow and change, and we hope you'll come along on this journey with us. The exciting thing about being a new brand, is well... that it is new! Every time we come upon a new idea, we can't wait to share it with the world. We love seeing our community representing our brand, too. Our patches ship worldwide and they've even popped up all the way in Norway! If you'd like to rep a patch of your own, head over to our store to shop now. Stay tuned for many exciting things in the future! We thank you all so much for your support as we embark on this adventure. 

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